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Handbook on Longevity Medicine: The Road Map – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : How to Counteract the Immune Ageing?

Author: Calogero Caruso, Giulia Accardi, Anna Aiello, Anna Calabrò, Giuseppina Candore

Editors: Arseniy Trukhanov, Mike K.S. Chan

Associate Editor: Yuriy Nalapko


Published Date: 2024


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This handbook is the next volume in the series of the scientific and educational publications of the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. To promote the development of the science and practice of anti-ageing and active longevity, ESAAM has published in 2023 the Handbook of Anti-Aging Medicine. This cornerstone book was devoted to main theoretical issues in combating the mechanisms of aging. Current handbook provides the basics of practical life extension protocols. Leading specialists in regenerative and longevity medicine presented their valuable recommendations. Special attention is paid to the fundamental principles of the longevity clinic, as well as practical instructions on which of the existing protocols are the most effective from the point of view of international experts. Their experience is described in 13 chapters and covers the next fields of the longevity medicine:

  • Immune ageing
  • Hormetic nutrients
  • Measurements of aging
  • Policies for healthy longevity
  • The fundamentals of Mayr medicine in longevity
  • How sexuality and eroticism promote healthy ageing
  • Protocols of regeneration technologies for the longevity medicine
  • Holistic approaches to healthy longevity
  • International collaboration in longevity
  • Cell and molecular therapies

This book is highly recommended for all physicians working with ageing patients and persons having disorders promoting premature and accelerated ageing. Also, practical focus makes this book essential for managers and specialists of the preventive, anti-aging and longevity medicine.

Editors Bio

Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan is a pioneer of Cellular, Organo and Cell Membrane Therapies in Europe and Asia since the early 1980’s. He founded one of the world’s largest research group of Bio-Molecular Medicine based in Switzerland and Germany with a global presence in almost eighty countries. He has conducted more than 1,000 lectures, seminars, and symposiums worldwide in the fields of antiaging, cell regeneration, bio-regenerative medicine, and stemcell therapies. Author & co-author of numerous books and articles in the fields of cell therapy, immunology, bio-regenerative sciences, nutrition, and innovator of cellular based nutraceuticals & cosmeceuticals, Prof. Mike Chan is also the founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group—an International chain of research and treatment facilities (European Wellness Centers & Retreats) involved in anti-aging, longevity and education (European Wellness Academy). He chairs and also sits on board on numerous prominent antiaging and cell therapy associations of the world.

Dr. Arseniy Trukhanov is a Doctor of biology who holds a PhD in medical engineering and is a specialist in restorative and aesthetic medicine, and rehabilitation and digital aging technologies. His main professional interest is modern technologies for the express diagnostic and restoration of functional reserve and the patient’s biological age. Dr. Trukhanov is a Co-Founder of the Academy of Active Longevity, a former Chairman of the National Association of Restoration and Rehabilitation Medicine, and Ex-President of the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Yuriy Nalapko, MD, PhD, JD, is an academician and practical medical doctor in intensive care, anti-aging, and bioregenerative medicine. He is ex-Head of the Department of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine and faculty Dean of postgraduate education, State Medical University of Luhansk, Ukraine. His scientific interest is longevity and how a cell functions with different diseases. He is the author of many handbooks, monographs, and over 300 articles. Also, he is a member of the Certification Committee of the Board of European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. Based on his clinical experience, he proposed new approaches to reverse degenerative diseases of the brain, liver, and endocrine organs. As a worldwide clinical consultant, he combines preventive, pharmacological, and bioregenerative approaches in a state-of-the-art paradigm to correct structural and functional malfunctions.

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