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Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry President, came to European Wellness for Anti-Ageing Youth Restoration Program

Earlier, Prof. Dr Mike Chan had personally welcomed Dr T. Chandroo, President of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and his wife, Sheila, to the rejuvenating environment of the European Wellness’ Kota Kinabalu Centre in Sabah, Malaysia.

Dr T. Chandroo and Sheila, who are regular visitors to the centre’s anti-ageing youth restoration bio-regenerative wellness programs, are well-versed in its advantages. They have found the right sort of “Zen” in the therapies provided here and brought their dearest friend Dr Kumar and his family to share the same experience with them from Mar 12-15.

They explored the centre’s services, embracing therapies and treatments that improve energy and well-being. With Sabah’s natural beauty as the backdrop, they discovered a way to prioritise their health and form stronger bonds.

In this soothing environment, surrounded by the promise of reparation, they discovered a shared determination to age gracefully and live life to the fullest.

Glad to host you and your family at our centre, Dr T. Chandroo and Dr Kumar!

Prof. Dr Mike Chan with Dr T. Chandroo and Dr Kumar standing in a picture together
Prof. Dr Mike Chan, Dr T. Chandroo, Dr Kumar, and family taking a picture with part of the European Wellness’s Research Team

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