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Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan featured in Fortune Magazine!

For centuries, humans have searched for the Fountain of Youth, a mythical spring with the power to unlock permanent vitality. While living forever remains a fantasy, the longevity science industry is actively innovating novel ways of extending human life with very real results.

Today, a growing number of companies and high-net-worth individuals are moving into cutting-edge developments in science and technology to try and halt, or even reverse, the effects of aging.

European Wellness Biomedical Group­—which is comprised of more than 40 wellness, age reversal hospitals, centers, and clinic worldwide as a bioregenerative medical wellness provider—is a vanguard in this emerging space. Founded by biotech researchers Prof. Dr. Mike Chan and Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, the company was built on the belief that humans are capable of leading significantly longer and healthier lives.

– “From myth to bioregenerative health span age reversal”, Fortune Magazine

Scientist, researcher, and visionary Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan has just been featured in the world-renowned Fortune Magazine, where his trailblazing achievements were put under the spotlight! The article mentions his exemplary record of authoring over 40+ books and 90+ publications and earning more than 30+ awards, in addition to bringing global awareness to advanced anti-aging and regenerative medicine through academic lectures/seminars, educational programmes, international collaborations, and the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative biomedical solutions – a testament to his massive contributions in health and wellness.

It also details the reality of stem cells and cellular therapy today – as viable means of extending one’s longevity while also maintaining their quality of life – through the extensive experience and knowledge of one of the world’s premier experts in the field: Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan himself.

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About Fortune Magazine:
Founded by Time magazine co-founder Henry Luce in 1929, Fortune is a highly-esteemed global business magazine. It distinguishes itself with long, in-depth feature articles and ranked lists such as the Fortune 500 that regularly feature some of the world’s most successful companies and figures.

About Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan:
Pioneer in stem cell research and cellular therapy with over 39+ years of experience, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan is the founder, chairman, and chief scientist of European Wellness – a brand envisioned into life under his leadership, intuition, and expertise in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

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