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Thailand Wellness Asia Summit 2024: Pioneering a Global Wellness Hub with European Wellness Biomedical Group

Thailand was positioned as a top destination for holistic health with the Thailand Wellness Asia Summit 2024 – making it a major milestone.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan, the founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group (EWBG), led discussions on anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

This year’s meeting, which featured highly-esteemed figures including Dr Jia Xiao Fang, President of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) World Federation, highlighted a unique partnership between China and Thailand.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan: A Pioneer of Regenerative Medicine

Prof. Dr Mike Chan, Founder and Chairman of European Wellness Biomedical Group (EWBG), is an internationally recognised expert in regenerative medicine and cellular treatment.

His revolutionary work was highlighted at the conference, which focused on advancements that are transforming wellness, regenerative medicine, and healthcare.

The crowd acquired important insights from his extensive study and new therapies.

EWBG: The Leaders in Holistic Health

EWBG is a wellness sector leader, providing cutting-edge, science-based treatments for general well-being.

At the summit, we demonstrated our most recent achievements in regenerative medicine, stressing our dedication to innovation and excellence in overall health.

Shaping the Future of Wellness: Insights from the Summit

The summit included a multitude of presentations, workshops, and panel discussions.

EWBG shared insights for incorporating regenerative medicine into mainstream healthcare to treat age-related disorders and chronic ailments.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan’s keynote speech on cellular therapy was the main highlight of the event, providing audiences with a better grasp of these sophisticated treatments.

Among the significant high-profile figures attending the event include Mr. Jacky Ong, Chairperson of the 3rd TWAS 2024, Founder and Chairman of CISW Holding Group, Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, Chairman of the Thailand National Charter of Health, Co-Chairperson of the 3rd TWAS 2024,  Mr. Desmond Lim Chit Ban, CEO and Mr. Calvin Choo, COO of Bicaro Holding (M) Sdn Bhd, Mrs. Artirat Charukitipipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital, Mr. Kitti Pornsiwakit, Representative of the Tourism Council of Thailand – Director

Creating a Community for Global Wellbeing

Building a global network of health and wellness practitioners was made possible by the summit.

EWBG promotes cooperation and creativity, emphasising the value of global cooperation in the advancement of wellness.

Over 1,000 participants from more than 30 countries gained insightful knowledge and experience that they could use in their own practices.

In summary, a New Era of Regenerative Medical Wellness Breakthrough

With EWBG leading the way, the Thailand Wellness Asia Summit 2024 marked the beginning of a new age in medical wellness and regenerative medicine in Asia.

Our contributions served as a guide for the future of wellness, inspiring and educating the participants from all over the world.

Joining a worldwide movement towards optimal health and well-being, learning from industry leaders, and exploring breakthroughs was made possible by the summit, an unmatched experience.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan at the prestigious gala dinner with VIPs William Heinecke, Chairman of Minor Group, and Dr Tanupol Virunhagarun, CEO of BDMS Wellness Clinic
Prof. Dr Mike Chan (second from right) as part of the panel team on Day 1
Prof. Dr Mike Chan posing with Prof. Dr Kampoon Sriwatanakul (Middle)
Prof. Dr Mike Chan sharing his views on Medical Tourism during the forum
Prof. Dr Mike Chan posing for a picture with VIPs at the Gala Dinner on Day 1
Prof. Dr Mike Chan giving his lecture on a short group workshop on Day 4, June 14
Prof. Dr Mike Chan posing with his dear friend, Prof. Dr Kampoon Sriwatanakul, Chairman of the Thai National Charter of Health

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