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A Comprehensive Guide To Biological Medicine and Wellness


With the arise of chronic, age and lifestyle-related illnesses, overwhelming stress, toxins and pollution, the society began to value more aspects of personal health than mere physical symptoms – the balance and harmony of mind, spirit and body. The society came to realization that it is not enough to eliminate the symptoms of the disease or even to treat the core of the illness. In most of the cases, the end of hospital treatment of the disease is only the beginning of the actual struggle for the patient. Whatever considered to be an accomplished mission from the point of view of medical protocol is only the beginning of the battle for the patient, which he, often left alone, not necessarily wins.

Our experience in research and practice in various parts of Europe and Asia has brought us to conclusion that best definition for the term “biological medicine” is – “common sense medicine”. These therapeutic paradigms are developed, employed and practiced by European Wellness Centers (EWC) – a global network of institutions tied up by the concept of European Biological Wellness. Our philosophy does not support mechanistic approach to the patient but encourages holistic care, promotes therapies stimulating healing and regeneration, and puts wellness as a corner stone of the intended outcomes. Another two integral components of Biological Wellness are maximal safety of the therapeutic modalities and its compatibility with conventional medicine.

Therapeutic paradigms of European Wellness are built on the platform of classical medicine taught and practiced all over Europe. Years spent on gaining experience and collaborating with most prominent European doctors and precise selection of fine treatment modalities from certain Asian traditional medical systems allowed us to formulate a unique system of Biological Wellness that to our knowledge does not have analogues up to date. The core of European Biological Wellness contains principles of biological medicine, which states that the human body is inherently capable of self-healing, and these abilities depend on anatomical, physiological, mental and spiritual balance. Once any component of this integral system is compromised, the occurring imbalance results in the development of disease. While conventional medicine predominantly identifies and emphasizes on symptoms and certain links of pathogenesis, our way of biological wellness, addresses the underlying causes of disease and acts concurrently with any existing treatment, modulates and balances the entire organism and directs it to effective healing and recovery.

The main objective of the book is to offer to the medical community effective holistic diagnosis, detoxification, biological repair and rejuvenation based on the individual needs of the persons and taking into consideration the health status and medical conditions. The book also provides specialized Biological wellness, recovery, and performance enhancement programs for athletes,elderly people, individuals with various untreatable illnesses and congenital disorders with the purpose of improving their general condition and facilitating their primary treatment.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Biological Medicine and Wellness

European Wellness Centre’s (EWC) signature four-step algorithm – Diagnose, Detox, Repair and Rejuvenate (DDRR™) – is well explained and discussed in this book.

Mike K.S. Chan & Dmitry Klokol
ISBN 978 1789015 249

Table of Content

Foreword xi
Introduction xiii
1. Physical Examination Of The Guest 5
1.1 Head And Neck Examination 5
1.2 Otoscopy 5
1.3 Rhinoscopy 5
1.4 Oropharyngeal Examination 5
1.5 Examination Of The Eye 6
1.6 Shoulder Joint Examination 6
1.7 Assessment Of The Hands And Fingers 6
1.8 Assessment Of The Joints 7
1.9 Assessment Of Finger Clubbing 7
1.10 Assessment Of The Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems And Abdominal Region 7
1.11 Assessment Of The Respiratory System 8
1.12 Assessment Of The Cardiovascular System 9
1.13 Assessment Of The Vascular Or Circulatory System 11
1.14 Assessment Of The Lower Limb 11
1.15 Assessment Of The Abdominal Area 15
1.16 Examination Of The Kidney 15
1.17 Examination Of The Breast 17
1.18 Assessment Of Epitrochlear And Axillary Lymph Nodes 17
1.19 Neurological Examination 18
2. Investigations And Tests 19
2.1 Blood Test Investigation 19
2.2 Instrumental Examinations 19
2.21 Breast Examination With Bio Radiometry Total Scanner (RTM) 19
2.22 Heavy Metal Testing With Oligo Scan Machine 20
2.23 Medi-Pulse Body Check 21
2.24 BioMedScan Test 22
2.25 Bio Electro Acupuncture After Voll (Bio EaV) Test 28
3. Dental Examination 31
Orthopantomogram 31
The Approach Of Holistic Dentistry In Cell Therapy And Stem Cell Transplantation 33
4. D For Detox 49
Understanding BMI, BMR And TEF 50
Daily Water Requirement 52
Alternative Nutrition Plan 53
4.1 HMDetox Program 57
4.2 Instrumental Detox 57
4.21 Hydrocolonotherapy 57
4.22 Infrared Detox Chamber Therapy 59
4.3 Detoxification Infusions 61
4.4 Plaqx Therapy 64
5. R For Repair 71
Metabolic Infusions And Intravenous Procedures 71
5.1 Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) 71
5.2 Glutathione 73
5.3 Coenzyme Q10 75
5.4 Esafosfina 78
5.5 Vitamin Infusions 80
5.6 Intravenous Laser Therapy 84
5.7 Ozone Therapy 91
5.8 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 96
5.9 Biomyostimulation Therapy 98
5.10 Bio Hormonal Modulator Therapy 102
5.11 Bio Lux Gem Therapy 104
5.12 BioSleepWave Modulation Therapy 104
5.13 Myofascial Decompression Therapy 113
5.14 Near (Local) Infrared Therapy 114
5.15 Electromagnetic Therapy 116
Indications And Benefits 120
5.16 Galvanization And Electrophoresis Therapies 122
5.17 Systemic Hyperthermia Therapy 125
6. R For Rejuvenate 169
General Principles Of Cell Therapy 169
7. Customized Programs For The European Wellness Center 221
7.1 Elite Athlete Program 221
7.2 Metabolic Syndrome Protocol 223
7.3 Biohormonal Therapy 224
7.4 Stress Insomnia Protocol 224
7.5 Complementary Immunotherapy And Cancer Therapy Protocol 225
7.6 Complementary Procedures For Cartilage Degenerative Diseases And Joint Injuries 226
7.7 Complementary Therapy For Smokers, Drinkers And Substance Abusers 227
8. Aesthetic Protocol Of Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 231
General Considerations 231
Operational Guidelines And Recommendations For Facial Rejuvenation
Procedures Using The Multifunctional Unit And Optional Devices 232
8.1 Facial Steaming Device 232
8.2 Vacuum/Spray Device 235
8.3 Wood Lamp Device 238
8.4 Photon Therapy Device 238
8.5 Diamond Dermabrasion Device 241
8.6 Device For Hot And Cold Therapy 246
8.7 Rotary Brush Device 247
8.8 Spot Removal Therapy Device 248
8.9 Galvanic Therapy Device 249
8.10 Desincrustation Therapy Device 254
8.11 Ultrasonic Therapy Device 256
8.12 Ultrasonic Scrubber Device 259
8.13 Bio Face Lift Device 266
8.14 High-Frequency Device Therapy 268
Introduction 273
Choices Of Products To Be Used Along With Mesotherapy Based On Their Indications 275
Treatment Protocol 276
Consumables Required For Mesotherapy 276
Treatment Protocol 277
Requirement For Medications/Products Used Along With Mesotherapy 277
Stages Of A Classical Mesotherapy Session 278
Nappage Technique In Detail 280
Nonspecific Side Effects 282
Specific Side Effects 282
Common Side Effects And Their Management 282
Obtained Results And Discussion 285
Conclusion And Recommendations 290
Bibliography 293

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  1. Deepak Chopra

    Interesting read. Covers many topics of integrative medicine.

  2. Dr. Mulyadi Tedjapranata DTM &H, MTh.FIAS

    Prof. Mike K.S.Chan and Dmitry Klokol has written a great book that share with you A Comprehensive Guide to Biological Medicine and Wellness. Apply the principles of the book and you will be able to achieve exceptional results in the many areas of your knowledges. I salute the great efforts of both of you to empower the millions of people all over the world.

  3. Dr. W . Andralia Kartolo, MSc (UK), MD

    Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan has never stop amusing me and the whole world in Antiaging Society. His works are always so profounding and mind-blowing. Thank you for sharing your magnificent creations with us. It has been an honour to write a sincere foreword to your Stem cell, Biological wellness and Cell membrane books.

  4. Dr. Yee Kok Wah, BCM

    I have treated many special needs children since 2008, mainly those with Autism. Many of the symptoms, signs, and root causes surrounding this disorder are still shrouded in mystery, leaving many parents feeling helpless. Meeting Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike, however, changed my thoughts about how we should be viewing and treating Autism. Together, we formulated an advanced treatment protocol that can bring the children closer to recovery and create new hope for parents. These books do very well in explaining the biological science behind Autism and a myriad of other disorders or diseases. For those who seek answers for the many unresolved mysteries in medical history, these books are a must-read!

  5. Dr. Martin Dayton DO, MD, B S

    A Comprehensive Guide to Biological Medicine and Wellness by Prof. Dr. Mike K. S. Chan and Prof. Dr. Dmytro Klokol M. D., PhD. is a praiseworthy biologic medicine text regarding health, wellness and aesthetics. The book features goods and services available at the European Wellness Center which are well described inclusive of rationales, advantages, caveats and expected outcomes. The authors are affiliated with the European Wellness Center.

    Restoration of health and youthful appearance via the use of time-tested protocols, technology and ingredients are addressed in detail. The book serves as a therapeutic guide and manual providing explanations of why, how, what to do, what to expect, what to avoid, and what can be used together synergistically. Comparative advantages and disadvantages of selected clinical and wellness protocols are discussed.

    The diagnostics and therapeutics presented go beyond usual and customary mainstream medical practices. For example, diagnostic live blood analysis under dark-field microscopy and bio resonance analysis are not found in conventional clinics. The therapeutic use of biological response modifiers such as placental extracts and biomolecular peptides found in more advanced biological medical facilities are not ordinarily utilized in mainstream medical practices. Opinions expressed by the authors may differ from those of others without similar education and experience.

    The holistic philosophy is emphasized in assessing and managing health and pathological issues. Restoring health involves much more than controlling signs and symptoms. Physical, emotional, environmental, and genetic factors all play a role. The terrain of each individual needs to be addressed for more optimal results. The sequence of care generally advocated in the book involves diagnosis, followed by detoxification, followed by repair, followed by rejuvenation.

    Specific diagnostic and therapeutic protocols maybe used for special needs such as substance addiction, immune dysregulation, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, athletic enhancement, and aesthetic facial rejuvenation. Aesthetic modalities and protocols are selected based on their ability to produce desired results, separately or synergistically. Dr. Klokol and Professor Chan have created a biological medicine and wellness reference and text suited for both beginners and the seasoned alike.

  6. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Chin Yew Sin, JP

    The history for a human being to quest for a immortality elixir that could enable him to live forever dated more than 2,200 years ago. Qin Shi Huang was the founding father of the Qin Dynasty and the first emperor of a united China. From 247 to 221 BC he was the King of Qin State. He became China’s first emperor when he was 38 years old after the Qin State had conquered all other Warring States and unified the whole of China in 221 BC. After he had founded the Qin Dynasty, he built the Great Wall, he wanted his empire to last forever and he wanted to live forever also. Newly discovered documents shown that 2,200 years ago, he even issued an executive order to look for a elixir that would enable him to have an eternal life. He sent Taoist alchemist Xu Fu to the eastern seas with 500 young men and 500 young women to quest for the elixir in the legendary Penglai Mountain, but returned without getting it. Xu Fu set sail on a second voyage with 3000 young girls and boys, but they never ever returned, instead, Xu Fu found Japan.

    That was the history for human beings to search for elixirs for immortality a few thousand years ago, however, the quest never stops there since then until now. The dream for a human being to live forever or at least to live as long as possible was/is a common desire of all human beings in the past and present time. With advances achieved in the field of Stem Cell Technology recently, it is not a dream anymore for a human being to live beyond 100 years old! We don’t have to go too far away places to search for the immortality elixir as compared with the Qin Shi Huang’s time, we just have to look for Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan, an International Renowned Stem Cell Expert, he will be able to make you look younger, healthier and live longer also!

    Stem cells in particular, Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cells or Progenitor cells are the most vital cells that keep our organs active from degeneration with age as they are targeted at specific organs. After 60 years old, we only have 5% of stem cells left only in our organs, thus we need to inject stem cells to rejuvenate ourselves! I highly recommend the books jointly written by Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan & Prof. Dr. Dmytro Klokol on biologic medicine especially regarding the knowhow on stem cell technology. These books are well written by using a simple language and presented in a structured as well as coherent manners that will enable both experts and laymen to derive immense benefits from reading these books.

  7. Prof. Dr. Deby Vinski, Msc, PhD

    How lucky you are to open this nice book by Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan & Prof. Dr. Dmytro Klokol! Here you will find many things you need to know about Biological Medicine and Wellness. As you grow older daily, monthly and annually you will have helpful guidelines in these pages.

  8. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Members of the Chinese Academy & Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

    The authors have pooled their years of experience and dynamics of their perspective in seeing beyond what’s going on between admission and discharge. The moment of thought when one starts to doubt what one has learnt and what one has been told to do, a moment when you start questioning the protocols and the social system integrated into the planet’s biosphere – this provides
    important information about the author’s intentions and the scope of the book.

    As indicated by the authors, this book truly satisfies the friendly curiosity on the topic of biological medicine and wellness. Credit goes to the organization of the protocols by the easy to manoeuvre chapters of Diagnose, Detox, Repair & Rejuvenation. To an extent, this encapsulates the measures of patient management. The authors’ credentials weighs on their work of this division in practice. It is inevitably points to functional medicine, coarsely referencing.

    This book does address therapeutic modalities and here, I am keen to dwell more on the morphophysiologic function of the modalities used, to contribute to my continuous medical education as an integral part of lifelong learning and clinical practice. Certainly, by means of the intermediate explorations they have both taken, they leave the physician satiated in the stride to do more for the patients, further than diagnosing and eliminating certain symptoms. It leads to see beyond. Looking forward to the evolution of the pace unveiled herein. Especially in view of how biological regenerative medicine can become the mainstream solution to current clinical conundrums to the authors, wonderful work, keep continuing!

  9. Sunny R. Kim, MD, FAAPMR

    We should all be reminded that the fundamental unit of life is the cell. Therefore, it stands to reason that a biological basis to treating disease and maintaining wellness is a fundamental pragmatic approach in medicine. Unfortunately, this approach has been foreshadowed by the growth of a molecular pharmacologic “lock and key” paradigm driving industry which all too often fails to address the crux of the problem. Conventional pharmacologic approach often fails to address the complexity of multivariate biological systems which need to maintain homeostasis in order to achieve optimal health. Blocking a signal at one level often leads to a disruption downstream which we observe as “side effects”. When we address disease at the cellular level, we tap into the human body’s remarkable blueprint for healing while restoring homeostasis and avoiding unwanted complications. Through the rational application of cell based technology, signalling molecules, and energetics we are able to achieve the unthinkable in medicine. The pearls of clinical wisdom in this book are made possible owing to the success of like-minded pioneers in regenerative medicine. Through decades of research and real world practical applications on a global level, this book brings to the forefront, a much needed refresher in medicine that the practicing physician will find intuitive and inviting.

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