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Dr. Dmytro Klokol

Dr. Dmytro Klokol

Head of Medical Advisory Board

I have completed my Medical Degree in 1990’s in Eastern Europe. Immediately after graduating Medical University I joined a post-graduate specialization in General Surgery and slightly later I was also trained in minimally-invasive surgery and surgical endoscopy. Parallel to the hospital practice I was deeply engaged in a medical clinical research that resulted in my PhD degree in Surgery, which I completed in the Institute of Emergency and Reconstructive Surgery (Academy of Medical Sciences, UA). Upon completion of PhD degree, I became an Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery and was even offered a post of the Depute Dean of Foreign Medical Faculty. However, I always had a special interest in Aesthetic, Anti-aging Medicine, minimally-invasive, Stem cell research and Cell Therapy and staff like that.

Later, in 2009 I moved out to continue my work and research in South-east Asia. Over the years of work in Asia apart from busy clinical practice, I presented in multiple medical conferences and congresses, conducted workshops, seminars and professional training for doctors. In 2013 Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery gave me grant and brought me to Japan to participate in their Annual meeting and present results of our study. I always belonged to the team that was trying our best to be the First and the Best in what we do. I greatly value the years I spent working as part of the wonderful team of glorious Hospital of Queen Elizabeth.

I always believed that in curing people principle of Ablata causa tollitur effectus, as ancient Latin’s used to say, is primarily important. That is what sometimes contemporary medicine is forgetting about. We need to pay more attention to the actual root of the disease, its cause. And, once we eliminate it we have more chances for success. It is vitally important to give the body best chances for self-healing and self-recovery as well. When we cease the cause, we cease the effect.

We believe that future belongs to regenerative and preventive medicine that also employs biological natural remedies. It is also well expressed by quote of Terence McKenna who said, “Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up.”

The words below belonging to a great Dutch doctor Hermann Boerhaave inspire me.

He who doth with the greatest exactness imaginable, weigh every individual thing that shall or hath hapned to his Patient, and may be known from the Observations of his own, or of others, and who afterwards compareth all these with one another, and puts them in an opposite view to such Things as happen in a healthy State; and lastly, from all this with the nicest and severest bridle upon his reasoning faculty riseth to the knowledge of the very first Cause of the Disease, and of the Remedies fit to remove them; He, and only He deserveth the Name of a true Physician. – Hermann Boerhaave (31 Dec 1668 – 23 Sep 1738)


Dr Dmytro views on BRM and practising medicine of the future today at EW Group

Medicus curat, Natura sanat morbus
(Physician treats, Nature cures)

Dr. Dmytro Klokol Provides a Look into “The World of Cells” on Vietnamese HTV Talk Show

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Dr. Dmytro Klokol’s Youtube Playlist

Author & Co-author for Number of Books (Published in UK) among them:

Immunotherapy in Bioregenerative Medicine

By Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, Dr. Roni Lara Moya and Prof. Dr. Dmytro Klokol
Published by EUROPEAN WELLNESS ACADEMY – Medical Research: ISBN: 9781662930140, eISBN: 9781662930157
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022941476

A new work from the authors of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine, Comprehensive Guide to Biological Medicine and Wellness, and Cell Membrane Therapy. A revolutionary discussion of contemporary scientific views on the role of the immune system in occurrence with age-related degenerative diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Immunotherapy options and medical indications for the use of various types of immunotherapeutic products are reviewed. Biological methods of immunotherapy are emphasized, i.e. transfer factors, thymic peptides, autologous vaccines, active specific immunotherapy, macrophage activating factors, et cetera. This book is backed by extensive literature reviews, references, and citations, as well as presentation of relevant clinical cases.

Price: $75.00 – $150.00
Also available on:


A Comprehensive Guide To Biological Medicine And Wellness

Published by Matador,, London.Medical Research: ISBN 978 1789015 249
Author/s: Prof. Dr. Mike Chan and Prof. Dr. Dmitry Klokol

With the arise of chronic, age and lifestyle-related illnesses, overwhelming stress, toxins and pollution, the society began to value more aspects of personal health than mere physical symptoms – the balance and harmony of mind, spirit and body. The society came to realization that it is not enough to eliminate the symptoms of the disease or even to treat the core of the illness. In most of the cases, the end of hospital treatment of the disease is only the beginning of the actual struggle for the patient. Whatever considered to be an accomplished mission from the point of view of medical protocol is only the beginning of the battle for the patient, which he, often left alone, not necessarily wins.

Our experience in research and practice in various parts of Europe and Asia has brought us to conclusion that best definition for the term “biological medicine” is – “common sense medicine”. These therapeutic paradigms are developed, employed and practiced by European Wellness Centers (EWC) – a global network of institutions tied up by the concept of European Biological Wellness. Our philosophy does not support mechanistic approach to the patient but encourages holistic care, promotes therapies stimulating healing and regeneration, and puts wellness as a corner stone of the intended outcomes. Another two integral components of Biological Wellness are maximal safety of the therapeutic modalities and its compatibility with conventional medicine.

Therapeutic paradigms of European Wellness are built on the platform of classical medicine taught and practiced all over Europe. Years spent on gaining experience and collaborating with most prominent European doctors and precise selection of fine treatment modalities from certain Asian traditional medical systems allowed us to formulate a unique system of Biological Wellness that to our knowledge does not have analogues up to date. The core of European Biological Wellness contains principles of biological medicine, which states that the human body is inherently capable of self-healing, and these abilities depend on anatomical, physiological, mental and spiritual balance. Once any component of this integral system is compromised, the occurring imbalance results in the development of disease. While conventional medicine predominantly identifies and emphasizes on symptoms and certain links of pathogenesis, our way of biological wellness, addresses the underlying causes of disease and acts concurrently with any existing treatment, modulates and balances the entire organism and directs it to effective healing and recovery.

The main objective of the book is to offer to the medical community effective holistic diagnosis, detoxification, biological repair and rejuvenation based on the individual needs of the persons and taking into consideration the health status and medical conditions. The book also provides specialized Biological wellness, recovery, and performance enhancement programs for athletes,elderly people, individuals with various untreatable illnesses and congenital disorders with the purpose of improving their general condition and facilitating their primary treatment.

Price: $60.00 - $120.00
Also available on:


Stem Cells In Regenerative Medicine: Carpe Diem – Carpe Vitam!

Author: Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, Dr. Dymytro Klokol
Medical Research: ISBN: 9781838590116

In most of the doctors’ perception the term ‘regenerative medicine’ is associated with tissue reconstruction after severe injuries, burns or trauma. And that is absolutely correct except the fact that tissues and organs deteriorate and lose their function not only due to mechanical or physical damage, but as a result of chronic diseases, inflammation, age-related degeneration as well as genetic abnormalities and cellular dysfunction. The profound understanding of tissue morphology on the cellular level and studying of the ontogenesis open magnificent opportunities to restoration of structural and functional integrity of human organism.

Throughout centuries scientists and healthcare practitioners were in a constant pursuit of longevity—from Avicenna and Paracelsus to Brown-Sequad, Serge Voronoff and Paul Niehans. Not so long ago, in 1990’s, when the term regenerative medicine was tailored by Dr. Leland Kaiser and propagated by William Haseltine it was considered to be a medicine of the Future, «a new branch of medicine will develop that attempts to change the course of chronic disease and in many instances will regenerate tired and failing organ systems», as Dr. Leland Kaiser described it. A new hope spurred up that almost any condition can be at least improved if not cured by means of regenerative medicine, including those cases where conventional medicine is powerless or ineffective.

The Future Dr. Kaiser was talking about is certainly a Present today. Though relatively small amount of practitioners are aware of today’s regenerative medicine capabilities and many still consider it more like science fiction.
This book reveals concepts and protocols of successful approach to regenerative medicine by means of stem cell therapy. It also highlights important aspects of manufacturing and culturing of cell therapy products and administration of different types of stem cells in various systemic disorders.

Price: $100.00 - $190.00
Also available on:


Other Achievement and Interests

Member of the International Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-aging Medicine and completed Advanced Course of Facial Aesthetic Rejuvenation (AMWC, Colombia). In 2016 underwent training and certification in Complementary Therapies in General Medicine, Cancer treatment and Aesthetics (Germany); holds a Certificate of Good Clinical Practice awarded by American National Institute of Health (USA); a Board member of International Association of Cell Therapy (Switzerland) and International Society of Stem Cell Transplantation (USA), a Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Allergy and Immunology (USA), and a master-level degree in Regenerative Medicine from EU University.

An author of three books and two more in editing and more than 60 articles.

At present time has entirely dedicated his professional career and personal interests to advocating wellness and healthy life-style, and doing research on pharmaco-chemistry, biomolecular therapy, and ethnobotany. A Head of the Medical Advisory Board of Stellar Biomolecular Research (Germany) and a Chief Medical Director European Wellness Centers International Group.

  • 2011
    International Endoscopy Workshop, University Malaya, KL, Malaysia
  • 2011
    State clinical conference
  • 2012
    Annual Congress of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • 2013
    Asian Pacific Digestive Week. (World Congress of Gastroenterology)
  • 2014
    26th Meeting of Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
  • 2015
    Biennial Asia-Pacific HPB Association Congress
  • 2015
    2nd International Endoscopic Congress
  • 2016
    International Ozone Workshop. Germany
  • 2016
    Presentation on Anti-aging medicine, biological medicine and cell therapy in Luxswiss Symposium. Hong Kong
  • 2016
    7th 5 Continent Congress of lasers and aesthetic medicine. Barclona, Spain
  • 2016
    Recent updates on anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. Manila
  • 2016
    Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress. Medellin Colombia
  • 2016
    “Reversing time with latest biological, preventive & Anti-aging medicine”, scientific forum. Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2017
    15th Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • 2017
    Inaugural World Congress in Anti-aging, Aesthetic, Regenerative, Nutritional and Exercise Medicine. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2017
    12th Annual conference on Nephrology and Urology. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2017
    8th Barcelona 5 Continent Congress of Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine. Barcelona, Spain
  • 2017
    4th Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM) Conference. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2017
    Wound Care International Conference. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2017
    ASEAN Conference of healthy Aging. Kuching, Malaysia
  • 2017
    Arab Health Congress and Exhibition. Dubai, UAE
  • 2020
    Medical Director (Regeneration) – European Society of Preventive, Regenerative & Anti Aging Medicine
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