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Placenta And Marine Extract Supplements, Nano Peptides, Mito Organelles, Phyto-Peptides And Botanicals Applying Advanced Biomolecular Technologies In Regenerative Medicine, Biological Therapy And Natural Healing

Author/s: Dr. Dina Tulina Published at: 3rd Global Summit on Herbals & Traditional Medicine October 18-20, 2017 Osaka, Japan Published url:

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Vegetal Placenta Extracts Substitute Animal Placenta Extracts

Author/s: Prof. Dr. Randolph Riemschneider, Institute of UFSM , Santa Maria, RS, Brazil Published at: International Electronic Journal on Dermopharmacological Research, Dermopharmaceutical Technology and Related Cosmetic Subjects: Issues, Articles 2008 Published URL:

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Biohormonal therapy in early management of premature menopause And andropause

Author/s: Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Dmitry Klokol, Dr. Henry Pong and Dr. Vladimir Chernykh Published at: International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research. Published URL:

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Application Of Cell Extracts From Skin, Placenta, Mesenchyme With Collagen And Elastin In Aesthetic Dermatology And Skin Revitalization: Evaluation Of Outcomes In Cohort Study

Author/s: Dr. Dmitry Klokol, Dr. Dina Tulina, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Henry Pong, Dr. Maria Del Mar Cabarbas and Dr. Vladimir Chernykh Published at: American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery: 2016: Volume 4, Issue 5…

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Placental therapy – An insight to their biological and therapeutic properties

Author/s: Dr. Shing Yi Pan, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Dmitry Klokol and Dr. Vladymyr Chernykh Published at: Journal of Medicine and Therapeutics, ISSN: 2399-9799 Published url:

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