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Peptide Therapy Improves Mobility in Older and Large Breed Canines: A Case Study

Authors: Augusta Wellington, Jonathan RT Lakey, Alana Williams, Mike MK Chan, Michelle BF Wong, Marcelle Gisain, Caroline Mosessain, Orn Adalsteinsson and Desiree CT Cox Publisher: Open Acc J Bio Sci. July-August- 4(4): 1986-1989 Publisher URL:

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Modulation of Cellular Senescence in HEK293 and HepG2 Cellsby Ultrafiltrates UPla and ULu Is Partly Mediated by Modulation of Mitochondrial Homeostasis under Oxidative Stress

Authors:Junxian Zhou, Kang Liu, Chis Bauer, Gerald Bendner, Heike Dietrich, Jakub Peter Slivka, Michael Wink, Prof. Dr. Michelle B.F. Wong, Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, Prof. Dr. Thomas Skutella Publisher:  Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2023, 24(7), 6748 Publisher URL:

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Andragogy in Continuous Medical Education: The Medical Teachers’ Perception on Continuous Medical Education

Author(s): Dr. Bawani Nesamany, Joel See Pih Liang, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan,Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Dmytro Klokol Publisher: Proceeding of the Public Health and Well-being Conference, Vol. 1, 2021, pp. 80-91 Publisher URL:

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