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🌟 India Breakthrough: Bio Regenerative Precision Medicine Seminar Held in India🌟

The Bio Regenerative Precision Medicine Seminar in India was a huge success!

This most historic event, held at Le Méridien in Hyderabad from May 18-20, 2024, was India’s first venture into the innovative field of cell therapy.

Our beloved and respected Prof. Dr Mike Chan, Chairman and Founder of European Wellness, who is also a World-Renowned Scientist and Author, focusing on Stem Cells, Immunology, and Regenerative Medicine, along with his entourage of dedicated colleagues, demonstrated significant advances in precision medicine.

The symposium marked the debut of the LOOP Mobile Application, which is intended to connect Indian doctors, patients, and scientists, providing smooth coordination and transparency in the current cell therapy research.

This revolutionary tool promises to improve cooperation and fast-track treatment methods, making modern healthcare more accessible to people throughout India.

On the same note, renowned specialists including Prof. Dr Ravi Tej Allam, CEO and Director of Scientific Research and Development of European Wellness Biomedical Group Bharat, our very own specialists, Prof. Dr Dmytro Klokol, Prof. Dr Olha Nishkumai, Prof. Dr Margaryta Iemelianova, and Prof. Dr Simon Yefimov discussed bio-regenerative therapy.

They described how cutting-edge medicines may heal and regenerate damaged tissues and organs, providing fresh hope to patients suffering from heart disease, liver illness, renal failure, severe burns, and arthritis.

Cell therapy is a God-sent to humanity where there is regeneration of organs with an advanced medical technique that uses stem cells or specialised cells to repair or replace damaged tissues and organs,” Prof. Dr Mike Chan was quoted as saying to the press.

The event highlighted the transformative potential of bio-regenerative precision medicine, with a focus on tailored treatment programs based on an individual’s genetic composition.

In addition to scientific talks, the seminar focused on European Wellness Biomedical Group’s (EWBG) commitment to Community Social Responsibility (CSR).

On the same note, EWBG is also delighted to announce the formation of an Indian branch for the International Association of Stem Cell Therapy, Europe (IACT), the International Association for Stem Cell Transplantation, USA (IASCT) and the European Society for Preventive, Regenerative, and Anti-Aging Medicine (ESAAM).

This innovative effort seeks to develop collaboration and exchange cutting-edge technical discoveries with renowned institutions such Council of Scientific & Industrial Research- Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CSIR-CCM)’s Atal Incubation Centre (AIC), the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) in Bengaluru, International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad, and others.

Together, we are setting the road for historic advances in biomedical research and regenerative medicine.

It announced intentions to create a production unit in India for cell therapy diagnostics, with the goal of making these advanced therapies more inexpensive and accessible, particularly to poor members of society.

EWBG’s CSR programs also include medical assistance for frontline Indian soldiers, sports, and youngsters with special needs.

Honourable attendees, Mr Pavan Kalyan, President of the Janasena Party, and his General Secretary, Mr. Bolisetty Satyanarayana, stated their support for cell treatment, highlighting the importance of scientific and creative contributions to health and wellness.

He informed the EWBG team that land would be allocated in Andhra Pradesh for their production plant, which boosted the initiative’s effect.

Important to note, Mr. A.M. Rathnam who is a highly respected and very popular film producer, lyricist, screenwriter, and director known for his works in Telugu and Tamil cinema was also present at the seminar.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for gracing this most prestigious event!

It pleased us even more knowing that participants left the seminar feeling energised and prepared with fresh knowledge to help them progress their careers in medicine.

The event was a watershed moment, not only in the field of bio-regenerative medicine, but also in forging worldwide collaboration for the noble purpose of global health.

We are also more than pleased to announce the launch of the European Wellness Biomedical Group India, which will play an important role in expanding cell therapy and bio-regenerative therapies, ultimately helping mankind as a whole.

Prof. Dr Mike Chan poses for the camera at the Bio Regenerative Precision Medicine Seminar, India

Photo Credit: Rifflenow, AD Photography

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