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Malaysia ranks 1st in the Health Care category of the International Living Annual Global Retirement Index 2019.

Medical Care Is One of the Most Important Factors to Consider Before Moving Abroad.

“The medical bills you can pay, the doctors who make home visits and the medical care so that affordable retirees simply pay out of pocket”; that is the reality for those who live in the places with the highest score in the Health Care category of the 2019 Annual Global Retirement Index. Jennifer Stevens, an executive editor of International Living, explains that medical care is one of the most important factors that potential expats consider before moving abroad and in the right places abroad it is possible to access first level care by a fraction of the cost at home. In the 25 countries that are classified and qualify in the Annual Index, the cost, access, and quality of care, insurance and the cost of medicines in the communities where it is recommended that expatriates go” is evaluated.

“We ask questions like, how much do you have to pay for things like laser eye surgery, a dental crown or a blood transfusion? Can you get common medications for things like asthma and diabetes? And do you need a recipe to restock? When it comes to evaluating medical care, we consider quality and price to offer a fair and balanced vision”, says Stevens.

The 6 countries that obtained the best ratings in the category of Best Health Care in the World in the Annual Global Retirement Index this year are…

With a score of 95 out of 100, Malaysia ranks 1st in the Health Care category of the International Living Annual Global Retirement Index 2019. Medical care in the Southeast Asian gem is simply world class with a modern and sophisticated infrastructure.

There are 13 hospitals accredited by JCI in the country and almost all doctors speak English fluently. In fact, most of the Malaysian doctors received training in the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia, so communication is impeccable. It is no wonder that Malaysia is a popular tourist destination.

Here, you do not need an appointment to see a specialist, and you do not need a referral from a general practitioner either. It’s as simple as registering at a hospital and waiting in line to see your specialist of choice.

The recipes in Malaysia cost a fraction of the prices in the United States. But not only the cost is attractive, but it is also the service. Pharmacists, like the rest of Malaysia’s medical staff, are well trained and informed. The Malays are friendly people, but what impresses is the genuine interest they take.

“Recently, I decided on a whim to take a health exam”, says Keith Hockton, Malaysia correspondent. “I had never done one before, and since I had a free morning, I decided to visit the Lam Wah Eee hospital,” says Keith Hockton, a Malaysian correspondent who lives on Penang Island.

“I was already registered and I found myself sitting outside the office of a general practitioner, or 5 minutes after arriving. In less than 1 hour, a doctor had examined me, I had had an ECG exam and I had blood and urine tests… and I was on my way home.

“The total cost of the visit was only US$ 44. The doctor who had examined me called me later that afternoon with the results. It is this level of service that makes medical care in Malaysia an attractive option. Everything is very easy”.

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