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Stem Cells Repairing Parkinson’s-related Damage in Mice

In collaboration with FCTI Precursor Stem Cells, European Wellness (EW) Group has studied and developed for decades successful methods for transplanting Precursor (Progenitor) Specific Brain Stem Cells into the Sustancia Nigra, for patients afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.

Similarly, for other neuro-developmental and neuro-degenerative diseases, specific brain cells are required depending on the area of the brain affected. Here’s what EW Group co-founder, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan, has to say on the subject:

“There are 52 zones in the brain, with 67 different types of brain cells – one must use the right type of targeted organ stem cells for the specific tissues and cells of the afflicted organ. A wrong prescription or diagnosis will not give the desired regeneration.

Similia Similibus Curantur, “Like Treats Like”, applies here.

That said, this development is just one of many amazing examples of the application of stem cells. To many, stem cells are the future of medicine. But in reality, it is actually already in the present – and we are witnessing the incredible effects that it can have on human regeneration.” – Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan, EW Group Co-founder and Senior Researcher

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