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Transfer Factors Or Dialyzable Leucocyte Extracts As Immune-Modulating Peptides: A Conceptual Review On Broad Spectrum Of Therapeutic Areas, Immunologic And Clinical Response, Trends And Perspectives

Dr. Dina Tulina, Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan and Dr. Shing Yi Pan. International Journal of Immunology and Immunotherapy, ISSN: 2378-3672, DOI: 10.23937/2378-3672/1410039, 4 Nov 2019. Published URL:

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Immunomodulating, Neuroprotective And Regenerative Modalities In Multiple Sclerosis Management

By Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Michele Zocchi, Dina Tulina, Anam K Kour, Lau Cher Rene, Roni Moya and Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong Published at International Journal of Neurodegenerative Disorders, ISSN: 2643-4539, Open Access Journal, Volume3 Issue 1, September 10, 2020…

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Neuroplasticity, Brain Entrainment, Cognition And Intellectual Functions Amelioration Through The Complex Integrative Approach Of Biological Regenerative Medicine

Author/s: Dr. Dina Tullina, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Garnet E Dupuis, Dr. Dmytro Klokol Published at Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics, Volume 6 Issue 1 – 2020 Published URL:

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Management Of Eczema With Active Specific Immunotherapy And Super Transfer Factor

Author/s: Dr. Dmitry Klokol, Dr. Shing Yi Pan, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Vladymyr Chernykh and Dr. Simon Asche Yefimov Published at: Journal of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Vol.4 No.1:1, 2018 Published URL:

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Placenta And Marine Extract Supplements, Nano Peptides, Mito Organelles, Phyto-Peptides And Botanicals Applying Advanced Biomolecular Technologies In Regenerative Medicine, Biological Therapy And Natural Healing

Author/s: Dr. Dina Tulina Published at: 3rd Global Summit on Herbals & Traditional Medicine October 18-20, 2017 Osaka, Japan Published url:

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Application Of Cell Extracts From Skin, Placenta, Mesenchyme With Collagen And Elastin In Aesthetic Dermatology And Skin Revitalization: Evaluation Of Outcomes In Cohort Study

Author/s: Dr. Dmitry Klokol, Dr. Dina Tulina, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Henry Pong, Dr. Maria Del Mar Cabarbas and Dr. Vladimir Chernykh Published at: American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery: 2016: Volume 4, Issue 5…

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