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Transfer Factors Or Dialyzable Leucocyte Extracts As Immune-Modulating Peptides: A Conceptual Review On Broad Spectrum Of Therapeutic Areas, Immunologic And Clinical Response, Trends And Perspectives

Authors: Dr. Dina Tulina, Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan and Dr. Shing Yi Pan Publisher: International Journal of Immunology and Immunotherapy; 6(1), 2019 Published URL:

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Immunomodulating, Neuroprotective And Regenerative Modalities In Multiple Sclerosis Management

Authors: Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Michele Zocchi, Dina Tulina, Anam K Kour, Lau Cher Rene, Roni Moya and Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong Publisher: International Journal of Neurodegenerative Disorders; 3(1), 2020 Published URL:

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Neuroplasticity, Brain Entrainment, Cognition And Intellectual Functions Amelioration Through The Complex Integrative Approach Of Biological Regenerative Medicine

Authors: Dr. Dina Tullina, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof. Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Garnet E Dupuis, Dr. Dmytro Klokol Publisher: Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics; 6(1), 2020 Published URL:

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Application Of Cell Extracts From Skin, Placenta, Mesenchyme With Collagen And Elastin In Aesthetic Dermatology And Skin Revitalization: Evaluation Of Outcomes In Cohort Study

Authors: Dr. Dmitry Klokol, Dr. Dina Tulina, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Henry Pong, Dr. Maria Del Mar Cabarbas and Dr. Vladimir Chernykh Published at: American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery; 4(5), 2016 Published URL:

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Pathogenetically based integrative therapeutic strategies in management of autism spectrum disorders

Authors: Dr. Dmitry Klokol, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, Prof Dr. Michelle Wong, Dr. Dina Tulina, Dr. Vladimir Chernykh, Dr. Yee Kok Wah and Dr Jere Rivera-Dugenio Published at: Journal of Stem Cell Research and Medicine; 2(2), 2017 Published URL:

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