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Breaking New Barriers at Dubai Derma, One of the Biggest Aesthetic, Cosmeceutical and Anti-Aging Events of 2022!

Scientific breakthroughs in dermatology and aesthetics, in addition to increased demand worldwide, have seen the global skincare market skyrocket in recent years – by 2025, that market is projected to be valued at around a whopping USD 189 billion.

Beyond its obvious market value, however, lies the genuine health and wellness benefits that come with innovations in skincare or aesthetics – topics that came to the fore at Dubai Derma 2022.

As one of the pioneers and top scientists in the field, European Wellness Group Chairman Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan received a special invitation from Aesthetic Knowledge International in collaboration with the organizers of Dubai Derma to conduct scientific presentations at the annual exhibition in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE, where over 20,000 visitors – including speakers, surgeons, skincare practitioners, industry experts and key stakeholders – from 104 countries congregated.

Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan presented on two topics: one on precision in regenerative medicine with the use of targeted organ-specific stem cells and peptides, and another on the use of HFR peptides to encourage natural hair growth.

Dubai Derma is one of the most highly-anticipated aesthetic, cosmeceutical, anti-aging, skincare and dermatological events of the year, seeing the world’s foremost experts discuss the latest scientific news and innovations in dermatology, skincare, and laser technology.

This exchange of knowledge and culture that will no doubt benefit the future of aestheticians, surgeons, dermatologists, and researchers worldwide – and in time, help countless people to age gracefully!

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