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Top Supplements for Beauty & Wellness with Dr. Volodymyr Chernykh!

Is your diet betraying your skin? In an age of ultra-processed foods and nutrient-depleted meals, it’s harder than ever to maintain one’s health, beauty, and overall wellness.

Fortunately, there is a way to fight back: dietary supplements. Dr. Volodymyr Chernykh, our very own Aesthetic Dermatology expert and Medical Advisor, is here to reveal the top supplements that combat the effects of an unbalanced diet and restore your skin’s natural glow!



For Collagen:
Swiss ColleGems –

For Omega-3:
MCE Evolution –
Swiss ColleGems –

For Polyphenols:
Longevity Essentials Pro –
Longevity & Vitality Formula –

For Vitamins:
ImmuneVit –

For Antioxidants (CoQ10 and others):
PTE Glow –
MCE Evolution –
PE Evolution –
VP Softgels AF –
ASI Skin Softgels –

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This video and its contents should not be treated as medical advice; observations are based on personal experience. Always consult your physician for your specific condition.

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