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Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Michael K.S. Chan shares Knowledge on Training on Stemcells, Peptides and Immunotherapies in Tijuana

The renowned expert, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan, was on hand to personally share…

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Prof. Dr. Mike Chan: Alternative Medicine as the Key to Good Health

Published on 05.03.2019: https://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachricht/11286710-prof-dr-mike-chan-alternative-medizin-schluessel-gesundheit

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Mike Chan on EW Villa Medica and on Biological, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine

Published on 28.04.2019: https://www.vitalundgesund.at/interview-mit-prof-dr-mike-chan-ueber-ew-villa-medica-und-ueber-biologische-integrative-und-regenerative-medizin-2/

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Physician Education Awareness Training in Malaysia | Presentation from Prof. Dr. Mike Chan

Published on 11.04.2019 on https://www.vitalnews.de/physician-education-awareness-training-in-malaysia-185418/

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European Wellness Villa Medica Symposium: Prof Dr. Mike Chan Presents Valuable Insights on Regenerative Medicince and Youth Restoration

Published on 29.03.2019 on https://meditipps.de/european-wellness-villa-medica-symposium/

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How Cell Therapy, Stem Cells and Immunotherapies Slow Down the Aging Process

Published on 08.04.2019 on https://www.justmed.de/villa-medica-klinik-verlangsamung-des-alterungsprozesses-durch-zelltherapie/

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EW Villa Medica: Pioneers in the Field of Regenerative Medicine

Published on 26.04.2019 on https://www.frau.at/gesundheit/ew-villa-medica-pioniere-auf-dem-gebiet-der-regenerativen-medizin-90053/

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Interview with Mike Chan on the Topic of Cellular Regeneration

Published on 26.03. on https://www.arzt-check24.com/interview-mit-mike-chan-klinik-ueber-die-zellregeneration/

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